Papa, No school for me?

Will children like him have to wait for another  generation to receive the benefits of education?

Modern scientific education is the means to acquiring freedom and respect in the material world.

For the extremely poor people in a large number of villages, median monthly incomes are in the range of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000. None of them in such families have ever received education. Most of them are engaged in menial work or are unemployed.  Affording education for their children is almost infeasible. The children try and find work from an early age instead of going to schools.

Education which children of middle class families take for granted, is in the realm of dreams for the extremely poor.

The benefits of education shall have to wait for yet another generation for such families – yes at least another generation, if not more.

Assimilation and application of Value Education by the children as they grow, helps them share the fruits acquired from scientific education with the less privileged and become responsible members of the society.  They perpetuate the momentum that they received through education.

The process of uplifting the extremely poor, marginalized sections of the society continues…

With renewed vigor…

With accelerated momentum.

Shamayita Math has identified Education as a key area of intervention as a part of its social welfare activities.

Education related activities of the Math today reach out to more than 2000 children across 30 villages in Bankura, Bardhaman in West Bengal and Dantewada in Chattisgarh.

Education programs reaching out and touching the lives of the extremely poor range from Open schools in villages, Pre-primary learning centers, academic support centers and formal schooling affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education India.

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