Drinking Water Project at Marang Buru school in Hanspahari village

drinking water.jpg

The drinking water project for Marang Buru school at Hanspahari village was a revolution for the villagers. The children and specially women who used to fetch water for the family from only one hand pump are excited about the new created facility. This is bacteria free water and the scheme is sufficient to cater to the need of the 50 school children and 26 families residing in the village. The source is a well about 500 ft from the school. The water from the well lifted by a pump is filtered with a slow sand filter, a carbon filter and finally passed through a UV filter.

This has made preparation of midday meal for children, regular brushing of teeth for children and washing their hands, lunch plates mush easier and hygienic.

This scheme was financially supported by Rotary Club of Calcutta Uptown (RID 3291, India), Rotary Club of San Jose east /Evergreen, RID 5170, USA and Rotary Club of Christianshavns-Slotsholmen, Denmark.