"Amader Swasthya" Mela ("Our Health" Fairs)

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Swasthya Mela was held in three Gram Panchayats- namely Lotiaboni on 25th January,2016 and Banasuria on 27th January, 2016 and on 2nd March, in Lachmanpur Panchayat. The purpose of these melas is to build awareness among the people in the villages for proactive healthcare.

The Swasthya Mela in Banasuria GP was hosted in Banasuria High School campus and for Lotiaboni GP in Lotiaboni Anchal High School.

Each of the melas had between 1500-2000 visitors. Various stalls were setup for the visitors to educate them on health matters:
Department of Rashtriya Bal Swasth Karyakram (RBSK) from Amarkanan Rural Hospital
Department of Rashtriya Kishor Swasth Karyakram (RKSK) from Amarkanan Rural Hospital
A stall on nutrition- named as Pusti Samachar- contained IEC materials on nutrition of mother, child , pregnant lady and for adolescent boys and girls. The stall also had some
low cost nutritious diet chart , along with recipe and few prepared dishes as demonstration for the visitors to taste.
An exhibition on the different activities under Amader Swasthya Project- (Model Anganwadi Centre, Primary School health program, Adolescent health awareness programme, regular OPD and mobile camps) and Livelihood project (Kitchen garden mushroom cultivation, goatery and skill development training for youths).
An exhibition on IEC materials on Adolescent health awareness programme
A stall on CHILDLINE- 1098 services in Bankura

Cultural program was presented by about 200 students from 13 participating schools, from the villages. It included a drama competition between schools on topics like washing hands, dental care, safety, child marriage, dowry system, sanitation etc.

Specific awareness program was done for mothers with young children:

About 60 mothers from 5 ICDS centres – namely Kelai, Paamanikuri and 5 centres of Banasuria visited the Swasthya Mela in Banasuria.
About 65 monthers from 3 ICDS centres- namely Benagari, Durlovpur and Paruibaid visited the Swasthya Mela in Lotiaboni.
The IEC materials on nutrition, age vs weight chart of children of zero to five years, diet for pregnant women, lactating mothers, etc was explained by our staff.
The Child Development Project Officer of Gangajalghati block did counseling of the mothers in the Swasthya Mela of Banasuria.
The children and the mothers were given and opportunity to taste the low cost nutritious dishes prepared and the recipe was taught to the mothers.
The school children and teachers also tasted the dishes prepared for the adolescent age group.