Sharad Baron -Welcoming the Autumn, Diwali and Picnic at Marang Buru Schools

Festivals are joyous ocasions and Sharad Baron, Diwali was celebrated at the Marang Busu schools.

Before the students at Shamayita go for their Durga Puja holidays - the autmnal festival of Bengal, they collect and present the children of the Marang Buru schools with a new set of clothes. This ocasion is called "Sharad Baron" at the Marang Buru schools.

Little children with their gifts-

Like the previous year - Diwali was celebrated by the children at Marang Buru schools-

The children were also taken for a trip to Troika Park, Durgapur- was a very new experience for the students of Marang Buru Schools. The trip arranged for the students exposed them to a newer world with so many fun rides and water park.