18th Annual Conference organised on 9th November 2014

The 18th Annual Conference of Shamayita Math was held on 9th November, 2014. The conference provided an opportunity for the well wishers and followers of the organization to meet each other and exchange their thoughts and views.

The day began with “Prabhat Feri”- the holy procession of hundreds of devotees who gathered for the inaugural session - singing kirtans and reciting.


The spiritual- cultural session from 9.30 am to 12.00 noon was held with the participation of the members &  volunteers of Shamayita Math. This session  included  dance recital- “Durga Stuti ” and  a music composition- “Ananda Abhisek” by students of Saptaparni, a spiritual talk by Rishi Riddha Anahata,  a drama composition – “ Antaraler Maha Ayojak” and devotional songs.

Dance performance - "Durga Stuti"

Drama performance "Antaraler Maha Ayojak"

Devotional songs performance-

There was arrangement of lunch (Prasad) for all. Post lunch session included Bengali Sufi songs of Lalan Fakir sung by Babu Fakir and a theme based drama- Mahakabyer Pore”. About six thousand visitors & audience enjoyed  the day.

Devotees partaking Prasad

Performance of Lalan Fakir Songs (famous Baul singer-saint)

The pandal at the conference-

A terracota art stall at the conference (The district of Bankura is known for Terra Cota art)

The Shamayita Convent school - all lit up for the ocasion

The annual conference souvenir "Spandan" was released to mark the ocasion.