Education Interventions:  2012-13


Marang Buru Groups of Schools

The Village Education Centers at Kendrabonathal, Hanspahari and  Shiulibona have now been named “Marang Buru Group of Schools”.

Basic  infrastructure  has  been  provided  by  development of school campus in all the villages on a piece of  land donated by  the village.

Education provided is based on the syllabus of West Bengal Primary Board.

Mid-day  meal  is  provided  to  the  students  of Marang  Buru  School  and  nutritious  tiffin  is provided  for  the  students  of   other  two schools  which  is  prepared  by  the  mothers grouped  into self help groups.

Each  of  the  schools  is  managed  by  four teachers.

Like  every  year  the  days  of   national  importance  were  celebrated  in  each  of  the schools  to  help students  gain  knowledge about  history  and  heritage  of  the  nation.

Annual  Sports  and  annual  picnic  was  held on  24th  December,   2012  involving  the students  of  all  the  three  schools.  Sports  was held  in  the  footbal l   ground  adjacent  to Marang  Buru  School  ,  Kendrabonathol  and annual picnic was held  in  the  forest  fringed areas around village Kendrabonathol.

On World Literacy Day exercise books, drawing books and color box was distributed to the students by Rotary Club of Calcutta Uptown. The same club also  distributed  mosquito  nets  to  all  the  fifty students of  the school  in Kendrabonathol with an aim  to  fight malaria.

The  students  of  Shamayita  Convent  School organized  “Sharad  Baran”    a  day  for  distributing new  set  of  dress,  school  bags,  stationeries  and slippers  to  the  students  of  two  of  the  school,  of Hanspahari and Kendrabonathol on the occasion of Durgapuja  on  17th  October,  2012.  A cultural program  was  organized  by  the  students  of Shamayita  Convent  School  before  distribution  of the  new  dress  for  entertaining  the  students  of village schools.

Sharad Baran at the school-

Erika  Balzerelli,  a  lady  from  Singapore passionate  to  work  for  the  welfare  of  the  rural children  and  motivated  by  the  ideology  of  the organization  spent  Diwali  with  the  students  of these  village  schools.    Diwali  was  celebrated  on 12th  November,  2012  in  village  Shiulibona.  The students  from  Hanspahari  and  Kendrabonathol schools  gathered  in  Shiulibona. Woollen  sweaters and woolen cap was distributed  to every student The school campus was lit with candles, lamps and crackers  by  the  students.  Beautiful  and  rare fireworks  were  organized  for  the  students,  who enjoyed to the brim as this was their first exposure to  the  fireworks.

The  interventions have revealed an  improvement  in interest  to  come  to  school  regularly  apart  from academic development of target children. Average attendance  is 70%  in each school. There has been an improvement  in  sense  of  hygiene,  cleanliness development of healthy habits and morality among children.  Also a  positive  attitude  is  developed among  students,  parents  and  other  village households. As per  'Right to Education Act', every child goes to school at the age of five with zero drop-out  in  target villages.

Proper  nutrition  is  provided  to  the  students  and there  is  no malnourished  student  in  each  of  the schools. Any ailment is taken care of and treated by doctors  from  organization.   Regular health monitored  through  health  check  up  camps conducted by  Jeevansurya hospital.

Here is the Health checkup of children going on at one of the Marang Buru Schools:

Meals are served to the children everyday for better nutrition. Meals are prepared at the sachoo premises by the vilage women.

Shamayita Convent School


The school is the only residential girls school in the entire district.  'Educating  &  empowering  the  girls  from  the backward community so that they can face life's challenge  equally  as  the  urban  girls'-  is  the object  of  education.  The school  affiliated  to CBSE has 600 girls from Class KG-I to Class-XII out of which 300 are residential. Located in the lap  of  nature,  with  immense  open  space, equipped  with  science,  mathematics  and computer  laboratories,  library  and  other amenities  and  facilities  the  school  imparts education using modern  technology.

The school building:

Events  :  In addition  to  the  regular events  like celebration  of  annual  day,  celebrated  on  18th July , 2012   (the foundation day of the school),   annual sports  , annual exhibition, competitions  in painting,  dance,  music,  recitation,  quiz  and elocution,    -“Kriti  Ashirwad”  -  the  award  giving ceremony  for  the  meritorious  students  and scholarship  -“Dhimohi”  for  the  poor meritorious students was  the  beginning  of  a  new  era  for  the students of Shamayita Convent School.

Dance Program by the students on the Annual day at the school:

Annual exhibition at the school:

48 students of  standard  X  and  33  Students  of  standard  XII successfully  completed  CBSE  board  examination. Out of these 18 students of Std X and 3 students of Std  XII  received  the  award-  Kriti  Ashirwad  for getting  distinction.  Two students belonging  to underprivileged  sector  from  local  government school  received  the Dhimohi  scholarship. Each of the selected students was graced and received the award from the Founder President- Sri Sri Prabhuji on  25th  August,  2013  in  a  function  organized  in school  for  the purpose.

'Asha  for  education,  USA'-  provided  support  for education  of  13  residential  tribal  students.  Also support  was  provided  for  engaging  an  expert science  teacher    from  the  fund  provided  by  the funding partner-Asha  for education.

With  an objective of developing  leadership  skills, personal  integrity,  understanding  the  value  of responsibility and hard work, some of the students of class IX and X formed an Interact Club sponsored by Rotary Club of Calcutta Uptown. The  club was formed  on  26.12.2012.  The  members  celebrated Christmas  with  the  students  of  Marang  Buru Primary  School,  in  Shiulibona  where  they entertained the students with cultural program and distribution of snacks. The fund raising for the program was done through exhibition cum sale of New Year Greeting  cards.  Also woolen  blankets were  distributed  to  100  poor  and  distressed families by  the  interact members.


Program on Differently abled Children


Shamayita  Math  is  being  developed  as  Zonal Training  Agency  in  the  district  of  Bankura  for extending services  to  the  specially abled  children under  a  project from  Paul  Hamlyn Foundation  (UK). Under  the  project, Regional  Resource Centre   for Disability Management  is  to be  developed  in rural  areas  of  - Bankura,   Malda and  Hooghly  in West  Bengal  with the  support   of  Indian  Institute  of  Cerebra l   Palsy  (IICP) ,   Kolkata which   is   the  Regional  Resource Centre .  This  project  is  for  a period  of   three years from April 2012 to March 2015 with a provision for extension subject to approval of the funding agency.

Objectives of the Program


The  aim  of  the  project  is  to  enhance  services  for persons  with  disabilities  in  rural  areas  by developing zonal  training agencies.

·         To  extend  training  capacities  so  that Shamayita Math may assume the status of 'zonal'  training  agency  specifically  to benefit  persons  with  disabilities  in  rural areas  by  working  in  partnership  andproviding  training  for  trainers.

·         To train staff / master trainers, other NGOs and  community  workers  so  that  they develop  knowledge,  skills  and  positive attitudes in prioritized areas of learning so that  they  can  provide  services  for  people with disabilities  in  the rural areas.

·         To develop need based  training materials.

·         To  facilitate  the  trainers  to  transfer  this training  to  field  staff  in  their  own organizations  and  other  organizations working  in  the district or neighboring states leading  to  increased  service  delivery  to disabled persons  in rural areas.

·         To demonstrate strategies so that disability management   is   brought   into  the mainstream of all initiatives for community development.

·         To empower persons with disabilities, their families and women using  local  resources within  the  community  and  establish  links for referral services.

Assesment of differently abled children at villages:




·         A core team of 5 staff and 2 volunteers are involved  with  PHF  project  activities.  One special educator visits the sites with a social worker  thrice a week. Project coordinator with  staff  and  volunteers  visit  the community once or  twice a week.

·         4  staff  and  2  volunteers  provide  services comprising working  in Monodeep,  school for differently abled children of Shamayita Math,  visits  home,  local  school  and  ICDS centers.  They  work  on  rotation  basis  in Monodeep as well as  in  the community.

·         A  training  programme  was  held  in  the campus  and  conducted  by  IICP,  Kolkata from  19th-21st  Sept'12  ,  which  was conducted  by Mr. M.  B.  Chhetri  and Mrs. Purba Bose of  IICP Kolkata. No.  of  participants were  15  consisting  of Shamayita Math's Health workers,  Special Educator, Gram Panchayet  ICDS  facilitator , and Agriculture  field worker.

·         Evaluation  was  conducted  by  Mr.  Tapan Muhuri  ,  CBR  Project  coordinator  ,  IICP Kolkata    from  18th  to  20th  March  who visited  few  villages  with  Project  co-ordinator,  special  educator  and  field workers.  He  demonstrated  few  specific skills  for  handling  adults  with  Cerebral Palsy.



Under the project 14 rural health workers mostly women  have  been  identified  who  are  already involved  in  Shamayita  Math's  various  health programmes  in  remote villages.   Shamayita Math through  its  sister  organization  Shamayita Monodeep runs a special school but this project has provided the opportunity to ensure quality service at  the  community  level.  Present  project  area includes villages  in Gangajalghati Panchayat only.

·         Initially  we  collected  data  of  around  75 persons  with  disabilities  from  ICDS workers.  Out of them need assessments for 34 children and adults with various kinds of disabilities   have  been  done  and programs  have  been  initiated  through home visits at regular  intervals.

·         14  children  and  adults  with  disability received disability certificates.

·         2 children admitted in two different special schools (one  is Shamayita Monodeep run by Shamayita Math ).

·         3 Children with disability are now attending normal school.

·         4 children and 3 parents received medical support  through  Shamayita  Math  run hospital Shamayita  Jeevan Surya.

A class session at Monodeep in progress:


Supportive Education in Chattisgarh





Morning session supplementary education before regular  curriculum  of  State  Government  to  supplement over   the inadequacies of tribal  children in  learning  two basic  subjects i.e.,  Hindi  and Mathematics In  Anganwadi centres ,   the kids  of  age  3-6 years  are  given adequate inputs  for  pre-school learning  so  that  they can   overcome difficulties    in  school admission  in  primary level .   Provision  of nutritious   tiffin supplement  for  the school  students  and anganwadi children are also  included  in  this program.



Supportive education is implemented  in 60 Primary & 02 Middle Schools covering 1685 students and 49 anganwadi  centres  covering  739  children.  The supporting  team comprises of 69  teachers/tutors and 49 anganwadi support teachers whose role has been vital in the students' families. They are on one hand teachers motivating the students to come to school regularly, providing education and assessing the  students'  progress,  interacting  with  Govt teachers  for  betterment  of  students  and  on  the other  hand mentors  for  the  parents  doing  family level  counseling, so  that  they  provide  necessary support  to  their  children  to  continue  with  their education.  Also  the  teachers  keep  a  track  of  the students who pass Std. V and do regular follow up and  facilitate  them  to  take  admission  in  Std.  VI Regular health check- up of the students as also an integral part of the project.

Creative output of the stiudents at the schools:



·         Decrease dropout rate among school going children

·         Improvement  in  learning  level of students.

·         Decrease  in  malnutrition  among  the children

·         Attendance  has  been  recorded  from  min 62%  to max 77%

·         Better  awareness  noticed  among  the parents. Shift in trend from dropping out of school after  completing  primary  level education,  to  increased instances of continuing education by seeking admission  in  Govt.  middle schools.  There are  instances  of  students taking  admission  in  English  medium schools of  the  locality.