Sports and Culture

Promotion of Sports among rural youth

Shamayita Math stepped  into  its second year  in  its endeavour  to promote sports and games among the rural youths of the locality through Shamayita Sports Academy  (SPA). The organization  feels that development of this potential which lies hidden among the rural children belonging  to backward community  is one of  the important  aspects  of  development  of  the  rural  community. Throughout the second year SPA has been providing training in football to 60 number of youths and in athletics to 20 number of  youths    including  girls  through  a  team  of  devoted  and experienced  coach  with  the  aim  to  transform  them  into professional  players.    Also  the  football  and  athletics  team participated  in block  ,district and state  level competitions. During 2011-12  SPA  participated  in  four  knock  out  football tournaments.  In  athletics,  10  students  of  SPA  participated  in Gangajalghati  Block  Youth  Festival,  2011  under  PYKKA (Panchayat  Youth  Krida  Khel Abhiyan) scheme on 8th and  9th Dec,  2011  out  of which  2  students  were selected  for  district  level competition held   in  Bankura.  Both  the  students secured 1  and 3  positions respectively  in  the  district level   meet.  

Urmila Hembram who secured first position in 100 m race was selected for state level competition which was held in Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata on 5  January,2012. She  secured 2nd  position  in  relay  race,  5th position  in 100 m race in state level meet.   Seven students of Athletics participated in the meet of District   Sports Association   held on 22  January, 2012 and all were  successful and  secured positions.  Besides  this,the college going students participated in inter and intra college level meet and proved to be successful. For representing SPA in different  football  tournaments,  two  sets of  jersey, pair of  socks, kits bag  were  distributed  to  the  trainees.  Foundation  Day  was celebrated on 24    July, 2011 where Sri Sushil Kr Verma,  the State coordinator  (Jharkhand) &  In-charge Sports Authority of  India, Ranchi   and Sri Abhay Kumar , ex-footballer of Indian Team and the coach of Mohunbagan Junior Football team addressed thestudents of SPA.

Kherwal Tukou - Annual Tribal Cultural Meet

Shiulibona, located in the foothills of Susunia hills in Chhatna block of Bankura is known   in the district for Kherwal Tukou- the colourful   tribal   festival  held  every year  in  the month of   January. Shamayita Math is associated  with Shiulibona  since the  year  1995 when  charitable homeopathy  medical  dispensary  first  reached  the village to provide treatment to the underserved tribal population of the remote village.

It was through this homeopathy dispensary that the  tribal  people  of  Shiulibona  came  to  know  about    Sri  Sri Prabhuji,  the  founder  of  Shamayita Math.  Through  the  close association of the villagers with Him,   Prabhuji was touched by the pain and  sorrow of  the distressed  villagers, which gave birth  to His dreams of making Shiulibona a model village, where each family residing in the village will have adequate food  and  a  secured  livelihood.   The first day of the calendar year, i.e.1st  January is celebrated as 'Kherwal Tukou'- the tribal  festival  which  is  a  communion  of  tribal brothers and  sisters all over  the district.

On  the occasion of Kherwal Tukou, a sports meet was held  in December, 2011 where about 800 bare  foot  tribal girls and boys  from  remote  rural villages   participated with great enthusiasm. The cultural performance was held  on  31  December,  2011  and  1   January,  2012  and  about  20,000 people  from all over Bankura participated  in  the  festival. Tribal dance  like

Lagde, Dahar , Lat Balang, Saharay, Rinja, Dang  , Natua, Pata, Danshay were  presented by local villages like Paharbedia, Gidhuria, Jadavpur , Bamundiha, Hanspahari  ,  Shiulibona  and  Suabasa  and  villages  like  Ranibandh,Penchargara, Tentuliarakh  from  Saltora  and  South  Bankura.  'Dhol'  waspresented  by  a  professional  group  from  village  Kuylara  near  Chhatna.

Another attraction was  folk dance-  'Siddhi Goma'  from Gujrati and  'Ghungra' from Orissa. Dance with Rabindra Sangeet sung in Santhali language was presented by a professional dance group 'Rabi Kiran'  from Santiniketan. The dance performance  from Gujrat was  sponsored by Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Kolkata and tribal dance-'Danshay' from Jhargram was  sponsored  by  Paschim  Banga  Lok Sanskriti o Adibasi Kendra.

Open air  free  lunch  was aranged for all. Prize distribution to the winners of  the  tribal  sports was held. Distribution  of  about 200 blankets  to  the poor and  the needy was carried out.