This  intervention  is  implemented  in 2 project  locations:

1. Bankura District, West Bengal and

2. Dantewada District, Chattisgarh

In Bankura District, West Bengal there are three Village Schools and  supplementary  education  centers  providing  education  at primary  level    and  Shamayita  Convent  School  providing education at secondary &  senior  secondary  level.

In Dantewada  district, Chattisgarh, Shamayita Math  supports 21 Primary  schools, 2 Middle  schools and 20 Anganwadi  centers.

Village Education Centers, Bankura, West Bengal

Shamayita  Math  has  initiated  Village  Education  Centers  for primary  education  of  a  group  of  otherwise  neglected  rural  children.  The  poor  and  marginalized  households  in Kendrabonathol,  Hanspahari  and  Shiulibona  villages  are thankful  to  Shamayita  Math  for  this  initiative.  Village

Kendrabonathol was the first to realize that it is education only which  can  bring  socio-economic  well  being  in  their  lives. Shamayita Marang Buru Primary School was established in this village  on  10  October ,  2010  on  land  donated  by  villagers.

Regularity in attendance has been established throughincreased interest of the children to come to school and continuous efforts by  teachers  and  parents.  The  village  children were  otherwise engaged in grazing cows and roaming about aimlessly through village streets.  Children are now neatly dressed, prepare  lessons in time, appear for exams and also participate in extra-curricular activities. During 2011-12, the total students in the school was 42 out of which two students have been mainstreamed through their admission in Govt. High School in Standard V .

Friends of Shamayita Math, an organization formed by the volunteers from Denmark have been playing a pivotal role in development of the school by  sending Danish  volunteers and  raising  funds.

Residents of Shiulibona village in Chhatna Block requested for a similar supplementary education centre for the village students already  attending  Government  run  primary  school.  Hence Shamayita Marang Buru Shiksha Kendra was started on 1  May, 2011 in an existing  community  centre  in  the  village. 

Supplementary  education  to  50 students is being extended through the facility. Classes are held for 3 hours every day after  students  return  from Government  school.   An amusement corner has also been developed  for  children.

Village Hanspahari in Bhaktabandh panchayet of Gangajalghati block is a secluded,  forest  fringed,  tribal  village  inhabited by only 25 households of Santhal tribe. The village children mostly do not attend school as the closest Government run primary school is situated in the nearby village, a kilometer away.

On  request and active participation by village  residents of Hanspahari a two  room school has been developed on  land  leased  from Forest department. The  school was  inaugurated  on  5   January,  2012 with  a  capacity  of  50 students. Since inception of  the school, Rotary Club of San Jose, USA  (RID 5170) has extended  financial support. Mr . Nick Leon  from  the club put special focus on maintenance of personal hygiene for each student. Keeping this as the priority, fund provided by the rotary club has been utilized for construction of sanitary toilet for students and teachers. Apart from this each student has been given  tooth brush,  toothpaste, slippers, water bottle and school bag. Students are made  to brush  their  teeth everyday  in  school after meal.

Students are motivated to participate in extracurricular activities like school sports, annual picnic, competitions and cultural programs. Mid-day meal is provided  to all  students every day  responsibility of which has been delegated  to mothers of the students grouped into Self Help Groups. New set of dress is distributed to all students in three schools annually during the autumn festival 'Durgapuja'.

Shamayita Convent School, Bankura, West Bengal

The school stepped  into  its  fifteenth year and has been a milestone  in  the locality, it being the only residential girls' school in the district of Bankura. The CBSE affiliated senior secondary school has taken the challenge of providing education  to girls only, specially rural girls with  the objective of combating global  inequalities and empowering girls  through education.

The enrolment  in current academic session is 650. Forty eight students appeared and qualified  in  the CBSE Xth examination and  second batch of 19 students qualified in CBSE X+2 examination. Education is given free  to  children  from  disadvantaged  sections,  especially  those coming from the tribal community. Such students, both residential and day scholars are being sponsored by different well wishers eager  to  be  engaged  in  different  humanitarian  activities  of Shamayita Math.  'Asha  for  education'  USA  extended  financial support  for  up-gradation  of  science  laboratory  and  towards education  of  13  tribal  students.  The  school  infrastructure expansion included construction of library, additional computer laboratory  for  senior  section,  addition  of  3  rooms  in  Vijayini hostel and  first  floor  construction of  teachers' apartment.

The senior students of the school took the initiative of presenting a new set of dress during  the Durga Puja  to  the 90  tribal students of the village schools in Kendrabonathol and Shiulibona through   fund  raising  from  the  teachers and  students of  the  school.

Promotion of  supportive education Dantewada, Chattisgarh


The  objective  is  to  promote  quality education  to  primary  and  middle school  students. During  the  financial

year  2011-12  the  organization  has worked  with  21  primary  schools involving 540 students, 2 middle schools involving 54 studentsand 20 Anganwadi Centers with 202  students.  

Services  include:

a)  Primary  education with  special  emphasis  on Mathematics and Hindi.

b)  Classes  are  conducted  by  trained  teachers  during  8:00 AM  to 10:30 AM  (before  the government  school  starts).

c)  Ensuring nutritious breakfast  to  students.

d)  Counseling  of  parents  for  awareness  generation  and better participation.

e)  Monthly  school health  check up


Increased  attendance  through  Shamayita  Math's interventions  by 45 per  cent

Learning  skills  of  students  increased  by  around  40 percent post  intervention

Provision  of  nutritious  food  to  middle  &  primary  school students  and  Anganwadi  children  has  helped  in

decreasing malnutrition among  children

Through  regular  interactions  and  application  of  joyful learning methods,  there  is  a  visible  change  in outlook of